Field Server II
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リストマーク About FieldServer

FieldServer as a distributed sensing device consists of web-server, multi-sensors, web-camera, wireless LAN module, high intensity LED lighting for environmental measurement, plant/animal monitoring,  farm observation at fields or facilities in the long term. The functions of FieldServer are following as:

  • Sensing Network
    As a sensing network node to transfer the wireless LAN signals and monitor data and image such as pointing observation, safekeeping monitoring, and disaster observation.

  • Ubiquitous Networking
    As a HotSpot in Internet to provide the wireless LAN environments in the diameter of 100 m to several 100 m around the FieldServer.

  • Multi-Sensing
    As a sensing system carrying out the sensors of temperature, humidity, and light intensity as elementary configuration.  Temperature and humidity are measured in Assmann-style to avoid radiation influence. As the options, following sensors can be selected.
    ・Soil moisture
    ・Leaf wetness
    ・CO2 concentration
    ・UV (Ultraviolet radiation)
    ・Pest accounting

  • Image Monitoring
    There is a built-in a web-camera with resolution of 0.3 Megapixels. The web-camera can be changed to following:
    ・Digital camera with resolution of 3 Megapixel
    ・Camera with functions of pan/tilt and zoom-in
    ・Microscope digital camera
    ・Thermograpgy camera

  • Network ・Robot
    As a pointing robot using servo to control the power ON/OFF of the equipments in remote via network.

  • Grid Computing
    As an always online instrument to provide grid computing service using field server engine and MetBroker.

  • Platform
    As a all-in-one PC in outdoor performance to replace indoor electronic instruments for creating platform. The field server as a sensing network comprised of the devices is designed and constructed in different shapes and functions based on the application purpose and deployed place in order to create high performance platform.

  • Robust and Parlous Legacy System
    The component devices of FieldServer as Web-Servers to operate independently with the exception of sensors and lighting are become to a robust system. The system can be performed via any browser because of the web services in application layer and wireless LAN and Ethernet interface of each devices in physical layer. Therefore, the legacy problem of the USB-based or RS-232-based devices caused from the update of the OS vision will be solved in FieldServer successfully.

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